Chapman’s List Barristers carries on the legacy and heritage of our antecedents Howells’, Roberts’ and Laurence’s Lists.
We are proud to celebrate the achievements of our former members and recognise the significant contribution they have made
to the judiciary in Victoria, interstate and at the Federal level.

The Chapman's List Barristers
history of appointments:

Federal Court of Australia

  • The Hon. Justice Kenny
  • The Hon. Justice Tracey RFD
  • Deputy District Registrar Allaway

Family Court of Australia

  • The Hon. Justice Bennett

Federal Circuit Court of Australia

  • Judge H Riley
  • Judge P Burchardt
  • Judge S Jones

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

  • Robert Cameron – Full Time Senior Member

Victorian Court of Appeal

  • The Hon. Justice Redlich

Supreme Court of Victoria

  • The Hon. Justice Bell
  • The Hon. Justice Cavanough
  • The Hon. Justice Hargrave
  • The Hon. Justice Judd

County Court of Victoria

  • Judge S Cohen
  • Deputy Chief Judge M Sexton
  • Judge M Bourke
  • Judge P Coish
  • Judge F Hampel
  • Judge P Grant
  • Judge D Allen
  • Judge D Parsons
  • Judge P Wischusen
  • Judge M Taft
  • Judge C Ryan
  • Judge P Rozen

Magistrates’ Court of Victoria

  • Magistrate T Hassard
  • Magistrate K Parkinson
  • Magistrate G McNamara
  • Magistrate G Connellan
  • Magistrate C Tan
  • Magistrate A Burchill
  • Magistrate R Kune
  • Magistrate C Kilias
  • Magistrate K Rose
  • Magistrate T Greenway

Children’s Court of Victoria

  • Judicial Registrar J Benson

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

  • Neill Campbell (Full Time Member)

NSW District Court

  • Judge S Grant

Northern Territory Local Court

  • D Bamber SM

Magistrates’ Court of Queensland

  • Magistrate A Thacker
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