Michael Reardon

B.A., LL. B (Hons)
20 October 2022


Signed Bar Roll
Room 2202
Owen Dixon Chambers West
525 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Admitted to Practice
Victorian Practising Counsel


Signed Bar Roll
Room 2202
Owen Dixon Chambers West
525 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Admitted to Practice
Victorian Practising Counsel

Michael has a broad civil and criminal practice, advising and appearing at trial and appellate level.

His civil practice focuses on insurance litigation, building and construction, probate and Part IV proceedings. He has also appeared as counsel in judicial review applications, confiscation proceedings and coronial inquests.

Michael’s criminal and regulatory experience spans the full spectrum from summary offences through to murder trials. He has appeared as counsel at all levels through to special leave applications in the High Court, and appeared unled numerous times in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

He is often briefed in matters involving complicated legal issues, including stay applications, appeals on a question of law, mental impairment and fitness to be tried.

A number of his cases have been reported and are set out in more detail under the Cases tab.

Immediately prior to being called to the Bar, Michael was a Public Defender with Victoria Legal Aid, where he appeared unled in the Court of Appeal and in jury trials in the County Court. Michael also appeared as junior counsel in Supreme Court trials. 

Before working at Victoria Legal Aid, Michael was a prosecutor in the ACT Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. In that role, Michael regularly appeared as trial and appellate counsel in the ACT Supreme Court and Court of Appeal. Michael’s time at the ACT DPP included a period managing the Office’s appellate Practice.

Prior to practising in criminal law, Michael was a solicitor in a commercial firm, where he practised in litigation, commercial and property law.

Michael read with Raelene Sharp KC and his senior mentor is Peter Hanks KC.

Practice Areas


Civil Appeals
Criminal Appeals

Commercial Law

Building Law & Construction Law
Contractual Disputes
Corporations Law & Securities Law
Property & Probate
Wills & Estates

Common Law

Insurance Law
Motor Vehicle Insurance

Criminal Law

Corporate / White Collar Crime
Crimes Against The Person
Health & Safety
Mental Illness
Proceeds Of Crime
Sexual Assault

Inquests, Inquiries, Tribunals & Commissions

Coronial Inquests
Disciplinary Tribunals
Military Tribunals
Royal Commissions

Public Law & Administrative Law

Compliance & Investigations
Disciplinary Proceedings
Discrimination & Equal Opportunity
Health & Medical
Aged Care
Industry Regulations
Judicial Review
Merits Review


Notable Cases
  • Webb v The Queen [2022] VSCA 85 (unled, appeal against sentence)
  • Wilson v The Queen [2022] VSCA 2 (unled, appeal against sentence)
  • Byast v The Queen [2021] VSCA 344 (unled, appeal against sentence)
  • Hutchison v The Queen [2021] VSCA 235 (unled, appeal against conviction and sentence)
  • Makrogiannis v Magistrates’ Court of Victoria [2021] VSC 190 (led by A K Brennan, appeal on a question of law from the Drug Court)
  • DPP v Parsons [2020] VCC 1704 (led by J FitzGerald in the trial; personally arguing the application which resulted in a permanent stay on the basis that a retrial would offend the principle of incontrovertibility)
  • Jaeger v The Queen [2020] VSCA 116 (unled, appeal against sentence)
  • Morton v The Queen [2020] VSCA 49 (led by A K Brennan in an interlocutory appeal overruling a refusal to grant a permanent stay of a trial where a delay of approximately 50 years, having personally made the submissions at first instance)
  • Holland v The Queen [2018] VSCA 241 (unled, appeal against sentence)
  • DPP v Noy [2016] VSC 466 (led by D Gibson, murder trial)
  • Sawyer-Thompson v The Queen [2018] VSCA 161 (led by R Sleeth, appeal against sentence for defensive homicide)
  • Re BKT [2018] VSC 240 (unled, Supreme Court bail application following refusal in the Children’s Court. Bail granted)
  • DPP v L’Eveille [2018] VSCA 60 (led by L Taylor QC (as her Honour then was) for the respondent on a Crown appeal against sentence, having appeared unled at first instance)
  • Jowett v The Queen [2017] VSCA 358 (led by R De Vietri, appeal against sentence imposed for sexual penetration of a child under the care and supervision of the appellant)
  • Nolan v The Queen [2017] VSCA 240 (unled, application for leave to appeal against sentence)
  • Pitone v The Queen [2017] VSCA 3 (led by R Sleeth, appeal against sentence for armed robbery)
  • Martin v The Queen [2016] HCATrans 15 (led by J R White SC opposing an application for special leave)
  • R v Navin [2016] ACTSC 109 (led by M A Jones on plea for diminished responsibility manslaughter following appearance at trial for murder)
  • Huggard v Murray (2016) 312 FLR 104 (unled, appeal against conviction on a point of law)
  • Lancaster v Hyde [2016] ACTSC 50 (unled, appeal against conviction on a point of law)
  • DPP v Mitchell (2016) 308 FLR 473 (unled, confiscation of criminal assets proceedings)
  • Bullock v Bower (2015) 71 MVR 445 (unled, appeal against sentence on a point of law)
  • GZ v R [2015] ACTCA 11 (led by J R White SC, appeal against conviction for child sexual offences)
  • Preston-Stanley v ACT Magistrates Court (2014) 292 FLR 22 (unled, application for judicial review)
  • R v Barker (2014) 242 A Crim R 339 (unled, trial by judge alone where sole issue was mental impairment)
Recent CPD Sessions
  • Commonwealth Drug Offences seminar provided to candidates undertaking LIV accredited specialisation
  • Police search powers
  • Permanent stay applications
  • Alcohol and drugs in sentencing
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