Our story

Chapman's List Barristers draws on the experience
and heritage of our diverse list of barristers to provide you
with the best possible advocate for your matter.

Our Heritage

The List was founded by Ric Howells in September of 1980 when the Victorian Bar appointed Ric to establish a new list of barristers. The list was formed with three consecutive intakes of readers, with 19 barristers making up the initial intake of Howells’ List. Over the next few years, the List would quickly develop into an established and flourishing List with many members emerging as leaders in their field. The Lists of Clerks Roberts and Laurence would later merge with the List under Ric’s leadership and the List continued to grow and prosper into the 21st century.

Our story

Our Future

In 2021 Chris Chapman was appointed as the Clerk of the List with the List changing its name to Chapman’s List Barristers shortly thereafter. Chris, his staff and our members carry on the tradition and expertise of Howells’ List, and continue to innovate, adapt and lead in the legal industry.

Our Services

Spanning all areas of law, Chapman’s List Barristers provide exceptional legal expertise to everyone, whether you require simple advice, mediation, general legal drafting, arbitration or appearance work.

Our clerks offer expert knowledge as to the suitability and availability of our barristers for your matter. We help connect you with the right barrister for your particular needs.

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